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The Arunadisi Traders Pvt. Ltd (Arunadisi Traderes) is a Sri Lankan company located at 476, Union Place, Colombo 02.[1]

Link to the Tobacco industry

Arunadisi Traders is one of the distributors of Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) “with a relationship over 80 years”.[2][3][4]

Gamani Hewamallika was the founder of The Arunadisi Traders Colombo, Gamani Brothers Kandy, Nimali Brothers Matale and Gamma Pharmaceuticals & Interpharm (Pvt) Ltd.[5] It is reported that “Arunadisi Mudalali of Union Place, Colombo, became a rupee multi-millionaire via the cigarette distribution monopoly of Ceylon Tobacco Co. Ltd.[6]

Receiving an Award for Best Distributor

Kalana Hewamallika was the Chairman/Managing Director of Gamma Pharmaceuticals and The Arunadisi Traders as of 2018.[7]

Image 1: Kalana Hewamallika listed in the CTC Annual Report 2014 under the heading “Distributors and Suppliers”[2]

Kalana Hewamallika recieved an outstanding distributor award at the CTC annual Pinnacle Awards 2014, which “celebrates the achievements of CTC’s trade marketers and distributors for the previous year and motivates them to do better in the current year”.[8]

Sponsorship and Promotion

Arunadisi Traders and its subsidiaries reportedly sponsored the events below:

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