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Papua New Guinea (PNG), is the Eastern half of the island of New Guinea. It was ruled by Australia from 1902 to 1975, until it declared independence. The population is over 6.7 Million, of which the majority (87%) lives in rural areas. With an estimated Gross Domestic Product per capita (based on purchasing power parity) of USD 3,500, it was ranked 184 of 230 in 2016 ([1]

Tobacco in Papua New Guinea

According to the Tobacco Atlas country fact sheet prevalence of daily smoking is 51.2% and 21.5% among men and women respectively. The same fact sheet reports that 52.1% boys and 35.8% of girls are daily tobacco users in Papua New Guinea.[2] The country was ranked among the highest smoking 10 nations in the year 2015.[3]

The Country Profile of the World Health Organization Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2015 reports weak implementation of tobacco control strategies in the country.[4]

Tobacco Industry in PNG

British American Tobacco (PNG) Limited, active in PNG from 1960s, is solely owned by the British American Tobacco Australasia.[5][6] BAT holds a monopoly in cigarette manufacturing and distribution in PNG.[7]

CTC links with Papua New Guinea

Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) Head of Production, Ramesh Nanayakkara was assigned as the Factory Manager for two years in Papua New Guinea from September 2016.[8]

As reported in the Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka), the “international assignment is yet another company initiative to spearhead knowledge sharing and the distribution of proven strategies essential to the development of the wider British American Tobacco (BAT) network”. Quoted in the same report, CTC’s Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director Michael Koest is “confident that Ramesh’s stint in Papua New Guinea will assist in implementing effective strategies that will help overcome operational challenges faced in the market”.[8]

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