Ceylon Tobacco Director Appointed to NFTH Governing Board

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Dr. Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital (NFTH) was initiated as a private hospital to provide clinical training for the South Asia Institute for Technology and Medicine (SAITM), the controversial privately owned medical faculty of Sri Lanka.[1][2] From August 1st, NFTH was declared a government hospital functioning under a board of Directors and providing free health services. The takeover was the government’s solution to the criticism made by different parties including the Sri Lanka Medical Council, that SAITM is not providing adequate clinical training.[2][3][4][5][6]

Dinesh Weerakkody Appointed as a Director in NFTH

Image 1: The state-owned newspaper Daily News reporting the Minister of Health’s response[7]

In late July 2017, media reported that Dinesh Weerakkody, an independent Director of Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) was appointed to the Governing Board of NFTH. According to media reports, the appointment was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, the decision making body of the Sri Lankan Parliament, headed by the President of Sri Lanka.[8][9]

This appointment is contradictory to the recommendations of the FCTC Article 5.3 on avoiding conflicts of interests in public health policies (please refer to the post on FCTC Article 5.3 for details). Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA), the trade union of the medical officers in Sri Lanka opposed this appointment by a press-release.[10]

Minister of Health’s Justification

Minister of Health and the Cabinet Spokesperson, Rajitha Senaratne, justified the appointment in the media conference to announce cabinet decisions held on 30th July 2017. The reasons for justification given were Weerakkody being a Chartered Accountant and an Advisor to the Prime Minister (Image 1). He criticised GMOA for opposing the appointment, stating Weerakkody coordinated the discussions on the SAITM issue between the GMOA and the Prime Minister. GMOA’s opposition was further criticized by the Minister stating it is seemingly made out of hatred towards tobacco companies. He further elaborated stating that even though Sri Lankan government implement policies against tobacco, it does not bear hatred towards tobacco companies.[11][12][13][7]

Public Response

The appointment and the Minister’s justification was widely criticized in the mainstream and social media (Gallery), some referring to FCTC Article 5.3.


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