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The D S Gunasekara Private Limited (D S Gunasekara Ltd) is a Sri Lankan business, whose office is located at 38, Wimalawatta Road, Mirihana, Nugegoda.[1] Launched as a transport services company, DSG Ltd now has ventures in many business fields, including renewable energy.[2] According to their website, around 45 buses run in three routes to Anuradhapura from Colombo under DS Gunasekara Ltd name , while another 100 luxury buses are engaged in special tours.[3][4]

The current CEO and Chairperson is Muditha Wijesinghe, the third generation member of the D. S. Gunasekara family.[1][5]

Link to the Tobacco Industry

DSG Ltd is one of the distributors for Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC), allegedly “with a relationship over 60 years.[6]

Image 1: D S Guanaskera Ltd featured as a Distributor for the Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) in the 2013 Annual Report.[6]

Tobacco Related Activities

Receiving an Award for Best Distributor from Ceylon Tobacco

DSG Ltd received an outstanding distributor award at the CTC annual Pinnacle Awards 2019, which ‘’celebrated the achievements of CTC’s trades marketers and distributors for the previous year”.[7]

Allegations of Stockpiling Cigarettes

DSG Ltd was reported to having obtained a loan of Rs. 3,150 million (Rs. 3.15 billion) from the Bank of Ceylon (BOC) Katuwana branch to stockpile cigarettes on the assumption that the prices would go up after the 2021 Budget Proposals. The Budget Proposals were to be released in November and the request had been made to BOC in September. For more information please visit our page on Bank of Ceylon and the Cigarette Stockpiling Issue.[8]

During the parliamentary debate that followed, the opposition leader Sajith Premadasa stated that, DSG Ltd is blacklisted by the Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka for defrauding more than Rs 150 million.[9][10]

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