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An advertisement announcing the 4th Denis Perera Trophy rugby tournament between St. Peters College Colombo and Trinity College Kandy. This tournament was held annually from the year 2012[1]

Deshamanya General J. E. Denis Perera served in the Board of Directors of the Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) for 16 years (1986 - 2002), of which he was the Chairman for five years (1998 - 2002).[2][3] Prior to his employment at the CTC, he served in the Sri Lanka Army for 32 years, in which he held high rank positions such as Chief of Staff and the Commander.[4]

Perera was a student of the St. Peter’s College, Colombo. He obtained his military training from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and British Army Staff College Camberley.[5] He was married to Ranjini Perera and was a father of three sons.[6]

The employment history with the tobacco industry

Perera was nominated to Board of Directors of CTC PLC and the CTC Trading as a Non-Executive Member in 1986. The justifications for the nomination included “close relationships with officials who now hold senior positions in the Government”.[7][8]

Perera served as the Chairman for the Board of Directors from 1997 to 2002.[3]

Positions in government institutions held simultaneously

  • Perera was appointed by the President of Sri Lanka as the Chairperson of the Committee to plan for National Service and advice on Manpower Mobilization (1986)[8]
  • Perera was also the first Chancellor of the General Sir John Kothalawala Defence University (1995 - 2010)[5]

Positions in government institutions held prior or after the tobacco industry employment

Perera held the following positions in government or affiliated institutions after his employment in the CTC (timelines mentioned within brackets);

  • Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner in Australia (1982 - 1985).[7][8]
  • Commander of the Army (1977 – 1981)[9]

Perera held the following positions in government or affiliated institutions after his employment in the CTC (timelines mentioned within brackets);

Positions held in other (non-government) institutions

Perera held high rank positions in several private corporations as mentioned below;[8]

  • Chairman and Chief Executive of Blackwood Hodge
  • Non-Executive Chairman, G. T. E. Directories Lanka (Pvt) Limited
  • Non-Executive Chairman, B.I.P. Associates
  • Non-Executive B.H. Securities (Pvt) Limited
  • Non-Executive Chairman of Comserve (Pte) Limited
  • Vice President – Organization of Professional Association (OPA)

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