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Muditha Wijesinghe, the grandson of the founder of the D S Gunasekara Ltd, is its current CEO and the Chairperson.[1][2] D S Gunasekara Ltd, beginning as a transport services company, now has expanded to have many business ventures including renewable energy, and is a long-term affiliate of the Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC).[2][3] Please visit our page on D S Gunasekara Ltd for further details.

As of May 2021, he is the Chairman of the Lanka Mineral Sands Company, a fully government owned company that manages mineral sands in Sri Lanka.[4]

Link to the Tobacco Industry

He is one of the main distributors for the Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC), the British American Tobacco (BAT) subsidiary, which has the monopoly in cigarette trade in Sri Lanka.[5]

Image 1: Muditha Wijesinghe featured as a Distributor for the Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) in the 2014 Ceylon Tobacco Company Annual Report.[6]

Tobacco Related Activities

Allegations of Stockpiling Cigarettes in 2020

In September 2020 it was alleged that he obtained a loan of Rs. 3,150 million (Rs. 3.1 billion) on behalf of D S Gunasekara Ltd from the Bank of Ceylon (BOC) Katuwana branch to stockpile cigarettes.[7][8].[4]For more information please visit our page on Bank of Ceylon and the Cigarette Stockpiling Issue

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