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Image 1: Rukshan Gunathilaka (far right) visiting a tobacco farm in Galewela with the CTC CEO and the team[1]

Rukshan Gunatilaka is the Supply Chain Director of the Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) from July 2016 (Image 1).[2][3] A past pupil of Royal College Colombo, he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate education from University of Peradeniya.[2][4]

The Employment History with the Tobacco Industry

Media reports Gunatilaka has “over 20 years of experience across multitude of markets operating within British American Tobacco (BAT) network”.[4] The countries and posts he had occupied include;

  • Sri Lanka – Head of Leaf Operations. During this period, he reportedly liaised with the Government of Sri Lanka to introduce maize as a sub-cultivation in tobacco farms.[4][5]
  • Vietnam – Leaf Operations Manager[4]
  • Uzbekistan – Leaf Director[4]
  • Malaysia – Regional Agronomy Manager for the Asia Pacific Region[4]

Positions in Government Institutions Held Simultaneously

Gunatilaka was involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching for agriculture graduates in state universities.

  • Member of the Faculty Board of Graduate Studies, University of Sabaragamuwa[6]
  • Member of the Faculty Board of Applied Sciences, University of Sabaragamuwa (2004 – 2008)[2][4]
  • Visiting Lecturer, University of Peradeniya[4]
  • External Examiner, Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture[4]

Positions in government institutions held prior or after the tobacco industry employment

Gunatilaka worked as Additional General Manger of the Hingurana Sugar Industries prior (1995-1996) to his employment in the tobacco industry.[2]

Positions held in other (non-government) institutions

Gunatilaka was also employed in the following prior to his employment with the CTC;[2]

  • Nestle S.A. – Production Executive (1993-1994)
  • Talawakelle Tea Estates PLC – Assistant Manager (1996-1997)

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