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Stanley Wanigasekara was the first and only (as of 2017) Sri Lankan Executive Chairman of the Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC). According to the CTC officials, his office marked the initiation of the Social Investment projects by the company in Sri Lanka.[1][2]

Educated in St. Anthony’s College Katugasthota, he was qualified as a charted accountant in England. After completion of his mandatory service in the United Kingdom, he was recruited by the CTC as an accountant and sponsored his and his families’ return trip to Sri Lanka to accept the post.[3]

The employment history with the tobacco industry

Wanigasekara functioned as the Finance Director of the CTC prior to being promoted as the Chairman in 1970. He served as the Executive Chairman of CTC for 7 years until his retirement in 1977.[3]

As per his interview for the Business Section of a Sunday newspaper, during his first two years of tenure as the Chairman, he successfully overcame 78 trade union actions. According to a him CTC threatened to terminate employment which made them gave up the strike and return to work on the terms given by the CTC.[3]

It was in Wanigaskera’s tenure that Sirimavo Bandaranayake Government tried to Nationalize CTC and failed.[3] According to the media reports, it was because he had close interactions with the Prime Minister Sirimavo and the key politicians NM Perera and Hector Kobbekaduwa.[2]

According to the same media interview, following Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of the CTC were initiated under his leadership;[3]

Positions in government institutions held simultaneously

None were reported as of May 2017.

Positions in government institutions held prior to or after tobacco industry employment

During the Government of JR Jayawardana, Wanigasekera served as Director of Finance of Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (Lake House), the publisher of state newspapers.[2]

Positions held in other (non-government) institutions

The other institutions in which Wanigasekara held governing positions were;

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