Summary of Tobacco Industry Interference in Sri Lanka – 01st June 2022 to 31st May 2023

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This page is the first of a series that summarises tobacco industry interference and their activities reported in Sri Lanka, which will be published annually to celebrate the anniversary of CCT which falls on July 7th. This page covers tobacco industry interference and their activities reported in the 12 months starting from one World No Tobacco Day to the next. When relevant, this series will feature the cannabis industry as well, as it is heavily backed by the tobacco industry.

The Summary

Table 1 summarises tobacco and cannabis industry interference and activities reported up to 30th September 2022.

Table 1: Summary of reported tobacco and cannabis industry interference and activities

Tobacco Company Number of Incidents
Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) 4
ITC Limited India 1

The reported incidents are summarised below. Please visit the relevant pages for more details.

June 2022

  • ITC Limited India announced that the construction project under the WelcomHotels Lanka (Private) Limited, a subsidiary of ITC, was impacted due to economic crisis in Sri Lanka. This project is reportedly the first ITC foreign venture in the hotel field which is worth USD 300 million. Media reported that the construction of some structures including the 50–story residence tower and the 30–story hotel tower was completed despite the difficulties (Image 1).[2][3]
Image 1: Media reporting the progress of ITC’s construction project in Colombo, Sri Lanka [3]

July 2022

In May 2022, CTC declared an increase of sales volume by 5% in first quarter of 2022 compared to same period in 2021. The price of a cigarette stick has been increased by Rs 5 with effect from 1st June 2022.
Image 2: Media reporting the CTC’s estimated increased gross revenue in next two years[4]

August 2022

  • Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) announced a growth of turnover by 41% to Rs. 42.3 billion (approx. USD 120 million) during the second quarter of year 2022. The profit after tax was recorded as Rs. 3.4 billion (approx. USD 9.5 million) during the second quarter. It was reported as 3.9 billion (approx. USD 11 million) for the same period in 2021.[5]
Image 3: Media reporting the CTC’s decreased profit during the second quarter[5]

September 2022

No incidents were reported for this month.

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