Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (AREA)

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Image 1: “Legal and External Affairs Director, CTC, Dinesh Dharmadasa and CSR Manager, CTC, Senaka De Fonseka with the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award from Enterprise Asia”[1]

Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (AREA) is an award ceremony for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities organised by Enterprise Asia. It awards Asian businesses “for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship” in six categories: Green Leadership, Investment in People, Corporate Governance, Health Promotion, Social Empowerment, Small and Medium Enterprises CSR and Responsible Business Leadership.[2].

Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) received an award under the Social Empowerment category in 2015 and 2016 (Image 1).[1][3][4]

Enterprise Asia

Enterprise Asia is a non-governmental organisation working for the entrepreneurial development of Asian business enterprises. It holds two award ceremonies each year, the aforementioned AREA and APEA (Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards). Its offices are situated in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.[5]


Businesses with headquarters in Asia can nominate themselves for AREA awards. The nomination fee for the year 2016 was USD 300.[6] A panel of judges select the awardees according to a marking scheme based on innovation, solution-oriented results, sustainability and integration of the project.[7]

Other Tobacco Companies Awarded by AREA

Other tobacco companies awarded by AREA include (the year and the category are mentioned in brackets);[2]

  • British American Tobacco (BAT) Bangladesh – Bonayan BAT Bangladesh’s Flagship Program (2014 – Green Leadership), “Probaho” (Flow of Water) (2015 – Green Leadership) and Shehzad Munim (2016 – Responsible Business Leadership)
  • PT HM Sampoerna TBK - Empowering Tobacco Farmers Community through Community Learning Group (CLG) (2015 – Social Empowerment) and Paul Norman Janelle (2015 – Responsible Business Leadership)

Other Sri Lankan Businesses Awarded by AREA

Other Sri Lankan businesses awarded by AREA include (the year and the category are mentioned in brackets);[2]

  • CIC Agri Businesses Pvt Ltd – Keerthi B. Kotagama (2011 – Responsible Business Leadership)
  • Asia Capital PLC – Glorious Jaffna Foundation (2012 – Social Empowerment)
  • HSBC Sri Lanka – “Cocoshel” – A Business Built by Village Women (2012 – Social Empowerment) and Ecological Restoration of a traditional cascading tank system in Anuradhapura (2016 – Social Empowerment)
  • Dutch Bay Resorts – Dutch Bay Foundation (2013 – Social Empowerment)
  • Union Assurance – The School Traffic Warden Awareness (2013 – Social Empowerment)
  • Nation Lanka PLC – Dinawamu Lanka Micro Finance Project (2013 – Investment in People)
  • Expolanka Holdings PLC – Expo Medix (2013 – Health Promotion)
  • Entrust Limited - Entrust Foundation ‘Helping Hands’ (2014 – Green Leadership)
  • JLanka Technologies - “Towards a Greener Sri Lanka” Project (2014 – Green Leadership)
  • Alliance Finance Company PLC - Environmentally Friendly Transport Solutions (2014 – Green Leadership)
  • Expolanka Holdings PLC – Venture Engine (2015 – Social Empowerment)
  • Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd. – Seaweed Innovation Project - An alternative livelihood opportunity for Social Empowerment (2015 – Social Empowerment)
  • Asian Alliance Insurance PLC - WIN Youth Empowerment Programme (2016 – Social Empowerment)
  • Sampath Bank PLC – “Hope for a Life”- Endowment of Neuro Navigation System (2015 – Health Promotions) and Sampath Saviya (2016 – Social Empowerment)
  • JLanka Power & Energy (Pvt) Ltd – Online Electricity Monitoring & Controlling System (2016 – Green Leadership)

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