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Sustainable Agriculture Development Programme (SADP) is the main Corporate Social Investment (CSI) project of the Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC). CTC initiated it in 2005 in line with their parent company British American Tobacco (BAT)’s CSI theme “Sustainable Agriculture and Environment”. SADP provides low income families in the selected villages “agricultural and other inputs to achieve self-sufficiency through home gardening and animal husbandry”. Please see Sustainable Agriculture Development Programme (SADP) for more details.[1][2]

SADP Lite was a variant of the SADP launched in 2010 targeting the former members of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). According to the CTC the programme was initiated “as a result of a request made by the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms to rehabilitate ex-LTTE combatants in the Kandakadu area”.[1]

CTC Investment

According to the CTC’s Annual Report, CTC invested LKR 2.9 Million in the year 2016 for SADP Lite.[1]


In 2016, CTC reported 1,449 families benefited from SADP Lite programme since its initiation. All the families were from Kandakudu area in Trincomalee District.[1] These families were selected by the government administrative and the field officers in the area. The main criteria for selection was the availability of at least a 20 perch land for cultivation and a regular water source.[3] As per the main SADP Programme, SADP Lite also received positive media coverage as reflected in the examples below;

Image 1: Received positive media coverage for SADP Lite [4]
  • Daily FT - From separatism to SADP![3]
  • The Island - CTC converts brown sparse landscape in Kilinochchi to a green oasis of lush vegetation[4]
  • Daily News - CTC Outreach projects benefit over 16,000 families [5]

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